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Brian Battle, founder and CEO of North American Avionics, began his career in avionics in the 1970’s as a technologist with Allied Aerospace. Since that time he has successfully built and run three companies specializing in marine, landmobile and aviation electronics, as well as managing Icom America’s entire Avionics division in the mid-1990’s based in Bellevue, Washington.

For the past 17 years he has combined that expertise in the industry with the networks he built in the United States and Canada to provide his Canadian clients with sound advice and a full catalogue of avionics and avionic installation materials from reputable manufacturers, including PS-Engineering Inc., Sandia Aerospace and ACK Technologies Inc..

Because of our extensive experience in the industry, and with valuable feedback from our dealers, North American Avionics can anticipate future need and stock parts accordingly. We are strictly an avionics wholesale distributor, so our focus is solely on providing the avionics community with specialized avionics parts and tools they need to operate efficiently.

We encourage those accustomed to calling 1-800 numbers in the United States for their avionics to experience the cost savings and customer service difference of dealing directly with a Canadian Transport Canada approved company. Before expediting another urgently needed product from south of the border, contact us. You’ll understand immediately why our current Canadian customers come straight to us to get what they need.