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North American Avionics is the only Canada wide avionics wholesale distributor completely dedicated to avionics, instruments, antennas, accessories, installation materials and pilot supplies. Our customers come from across the country and are from a wide cross section of the aviation community, from avionics dealers and aviation maintenance companies, to small airlines with fleets of light aircraft and helicopters.

Transport Canada certification is the gold standard for avionics, installation materials, accessories, parts and supplies. By being Transport Canada approved, everything North American Avionics sells comes with the highest level of accountability, quality control, and customer assurance possible. Transport Canada Certificate of Approval # 111-98.

Since 1998, avionics dealers from coast to coast have counted on North American Avionics to give them sound advice and to provide the avionics and specialized parts they need, efficiently and cost effectively, within our borders.




North American Avionic’s comprehensive catalogue contains a broad range of products with a detailed selection of avionics including:

  • Audio panels, Intercoms and components

  • ELT’s and Batteries (121.5 and 406)

  • Transponders

  • Altitude Encoders, Airdata Computers, Fans and Standby Instruments

  • Annunciators, Clocks, Inverters and USB charging ports

  • Aviation Antennas

  • Avionics Test Equipment

  • Portable Avionics and Pilot supplies, including headsets

  • Wide and detailed stock of aviation installation supplies, including aviation wire.

From its home base in Richmond, BC, North American Avionics has a 17 year track record of providing Canada’s aviation community with the guidance and products they need to maintain and improve their aircraft. Call us today to learn how we can provide you with high quality approved parts and materials and avoid the hassles and costs associated with expediting those parts from south of the border.